April 22, 2015: ESPCI in Paris

The bootcamp/hackathon is co-organized by ChaLearn, ESPCI, and the Paris Machine Learning Meetup.

The idea is to create Parisian teams to enter the Automatic Machine Learning challenge http://codalab.org/AutoML.


    • Fill out this form and install software following instructions (this should take between 20 min and 2h).
    • Provide proof that you made a successful result submission to the AutoML main challenge website (your username should appear in the leaderboard).
    • Bring your own laptop and charger (laptop should come with battery charged).

If you are not in Paris and want to participate remotely, you can login to Codalab and make entries. The websites of the hackathon are open to outsiders:

    • Round zero website (all the "prep" datasets; useful to get familiar with all the data formats) -- Now open to everybody
    • Round one website (the "novice" datasets: only binary classification problems, full matrices, no missing values, no categorical variables) -- Now closed, enter the regular challenge http://codalab.org/AutoML.

If you signed up for the GPU track, follow these additional instructions.


8h30 — Registration

9:00 am — Isabelle Guyon and Lukasz Romaszko (ChaLearn): Presentation of the AutoML challenge. [Introduction paper (accepted to IJCNN 2015)]

Tips to solve it and win!

10:00 am — Olivier Grisel (INRIA): How to use Scikit-Learn to solve machine learning problems. [iPython notebook example given in talk][iPython notebook to solve round 1]

11:00 am — Julien Demouth (NVIDIA): Deep Neural Networks and GPUs.

12:00 pm — Lunch, informal discussions

2:00 pm— Bootcamp/hackathon: improve solutions of winners from previous rounds with the

help of coaches

5 pm — Continue working on your own and win the challenge!


We now closed the round 1 website clone, enter the regular challenge http://codalab.org/AutoML for round 1.




10 Rue Vauquelin

75005 Paris

Bâtiment N, Amphi Joliot

Campus map


    • Isabelle Guyon, ChaLearn, Contact: events@chalearn.org
    • Lukasz Romazko, CVC Barcelona, ChaLearn
    • Igor Carron, Paris ML meetup
    • Franck Bardol, Paris ML meetup
    • Pierre Roussel, ESPCI
    • Bruce Denby, ESPCI

BIG thanks to Richard and Pierre for the logistics!!! We all had WiFi and food and did not need to listen to the talks!


BIG thanks to our coaches!!

    • Delphine Le, Ecole Centrale Paris
    • Djalel Benbouzid, Univ. Paris Saclay
    • Igor Carron, Paris ML meetup
    • Bogdan-Ionut Cirstea, ENST, Paris
  • Olivier Grisel, INRIA, Paris
    • Lovro Ilijasic, Univ. Paris Saclay
    • Lukasz Romazko, CVC Barcelona, ChaLearn

Lukasz coaching (right) Olivier (looking back) coaching team bee Julien lecturing on GPUs

The room was full (80 people) Igor (left) points at a bug... Bogdan (left) coaching team horse

Sebastien smiles (middle): he will be coach next time! Team rooster is making great progress.